US Citizen Deported to Mexico

It’s a scary thought, and something only a few years ago I thought I’d only read in the Onion, but I just read an article about a US Citizen, born in California, that had been wrongly deported to Mexico.  Think it can’t happen to you?   Short of always carrying your Passport, or Citizenship Certficate, if you don’t look or sound ‘merican, how can you prove your a citizen?

On Tuesday, the renewed questions flew from a packed room of journalists: Did ICE cross-reference Pedro’s statements with whatever documents exist related to a prior arrest and conviction? Were any efforts made to establish whether he suffers from a mental disability? Did he knowingly sign a voluntary deportation order, or was he somehow coerced? How can this scenario be prevented in the future?

Best line from the Hit and Run discussion: "Finally, the chilling predictions put forth in Cheech Marin’s Born in East LA are coming to pass."