Real Life

I’m an uncle!

Not exactly up to the minute news here, where did the last three weeks go and I’ve left my blog sadly unattended.  The biggest news here is that I’m a real honest-to-goodness uncle.  Patty had a baby boy ten days ago, Ian Christopher. He’s cute, and sounds like he cries a lot.  They’re also lucky since he’s been sleeping through most of the night, from what I hear he wakes up once, maybe twice, during the night.  The unfortunate thing is, according to my mom and pictures, is that he looks a lot like me when I was a baby.  Hopefully, he’ll outgrow it, otherwise…

Seeing Patty’s pictures with him, and despite the stories of having to stop pee with her hand – I imagine it in an appropriately superhero-ey kind of way, has made me more anxious for our own son to be born.  Its only another 5 weeks or so.  It may seem long at times, but work is actually pretty busy so the days go by quick.