Subversion 1.5 released

The feature I’ve been looking forward to the most, merge tracking, made it into the latest Subversion release. I’m not sure why, but branching/merging has been a conceptually scary thing for me for a long time. I’d always be afraid that somehow I’d mess up the merge and lose updates or somehow mangle my code beyond repair. Nothing that a little practice of late hasn’t helped alleviate plus the following tidbits.

See what changes a merge will pull in between revision 150 and HEAD into the current working copy from another branch:

svn diff -r 150:HEAD file://var/svn/my_project/branches/new_feature

Make sure you have the merge command line right:

svn merge <b>--dry-run</b> -r 150:head file://var/svn/my_project/branches/new_feature

Submerged – Subversion Blog – Subversion 1.5.0 Released!…

I’d particularly urge you to checkout the training materials that have been created for this release. While Subversion 1.5 is compatible with older clients and servers, to take full advantage of all the features, particularly merge tracking, there are some steps you need to take. The training courses we have created cover these issues and can help guide you through the upgrade process.