Cable DVR

I’m meaining to blog about my recent upgrade to Verizon FIOS + Tivo HD at home. The overall conclusion – much better picture quality, and now I don’t have to watch HD content live. But the following post has a great summary of how a TiVoO DVR is more functional than the vanilla DVR everyone else tries to push on you for the same monthly price. TV Board » Blog Archive » Whose Box Is It Anyway: ‘It’s Not A TiVo’

“I don’t need your DVR, I already have a TiVo,” she said.

“Our DVR is the same as TiVo but it comes free with our service,” the sales rep adamantly replied.

“Oh, really, well I have a lifetime membership with TiVo. Can you log on from any computer and schedule something to record?” she retorted.