Finding some late night coding time.

Nicholas has started sleeping through the night, as of last week, and while it hasn’t been every single night yet, its happened more often than not. I’m glad for Staci, since she’s not a night owl like me, staying up past 10 or 10:30 was harder on her.

This also means I’ve found some time to work on my project sites and blogs. I’ve recently discovered the utility of PHP5’s autoload function, specifically the spl_autoload_register method. So I’ve taken to refactor my codebase to use it Its nice not having to figure out where and when to include class definitions. I’m using the PEAR naming convention to handle autoloading and, as a bonus side effect, this has forced me to organize my class files and directories in a consistent manner.

It hasn’t been all under-the-hood, improvements that only I will see, but I can’t unveil anything new just yet. Sadly, this is the most interesting coding I’ve been doing lately. At work, we’re learning to use Drupal effectively, which has, for the better, reduced the back-end programming we get to do. But I’ve gotta keep my skillz up2date.