jQuery 1.3 released – I heart jquery.

Just when you thought jquery couldn’t get better, the 1.3 release shows drastic performance improvements across a number of benchmarks. That, and the new live event framework, which will make your life easier if you’ve ever dealth with binding and rebinding events (F1 Timetracker & Workload I’m looking at you), are valuable improvements to the core. Has it only been out for three years? How did I ever do any javascripting without it? Release:jQuery 1.3 – jQuery JavaScript Library

One thing that became very obvious during the development of the new engine: We wanted to be able to collaborate on it with other libraries and developers. We saw an opportunity for some solid collaboration with some of the best JavaScript developers – the result of which will help users of all libraries. For this reason we made sure that Sizzle was able to work completely standalone (no dependencies).