Soccer stadium in Price George’s county?

I’d be tremendously happy to see D.C. United get its own stadium anywhere that is Metro accesbile. But the tone at the end of the article, about the county not being able to offer the team any incentive is confusing. AFAIK, the team hasn’t been looking for any locality to fully fund construction of a stadium, ala the Nationals, but would ask for investment in infrastructure improvements. If the latter are used to build better roads, bridges, etc that will benefit the whole community, I think its a win. It’ll be interesting to see what, if any, stadium developments happen this year and with this economy.

Prince George’s sets goals for soccer stadium

Still, Campos said it would be difficult getting the county to put forward any funding to attract the team.

“Right now, it would be tough with everything going on,” he said. “Clearly, we have way-bigger issues to worry about.”

Byrd agreed that governments have little to offer financially to the team.

“Incentives do not abound at this time,” Byrd said.