The shocking science behind vaccinations

If you read one article about the ingredients in Vaccines today, it should be this one. While it starts out as a bit of a rant, I did learn about the importance of dosages of supposedly harmful ingredients. And, some of these “toxic chemicals”, including NaCl, are in other everyday things that you may already be eating/drinking. Cue the scary music!

This is just plain ignorant. If you want to see the difference between an education over a weekend or two at Google University and actually understanding medicine, look no further than the above. Neomycin and polymixin are indeed antibiotics. They’re used in the manufacture of vaccines. Specifically, antibiotics like this are usually used to prevent bacterial contamination and overgrowth during cell culture and the growth of the viruses. After the manufacturing process there often remain trace amounts of these antibiotics.

All the facts are made more entertaining by wonderful gems like the following.

Not only did Dawn not stop digging when she was in a hole, but she got out a freakin’ backhoe. Heck, she did more than that. She got out the dynamite and started blasting. No, even that’s not enough. She actually decided to start digging by detonating thermonuclear weapons of stupid.