Oh, the trials of the second generation!

So really, the better indicator of how well the children of immigrants will do is not their race/ethnicity/skin color, but the education level achieved by their parents.  Is this different than for other groups?  Why is this even a news story?  Oh wait, its NOT.

Perhaps the only yardstick by which the second generation has achieved unambiguous success is the one that has stirred the most public controversy: English proficiency. Despite fears among some people that English usage is diminishing in the Latino community, census data and several studies indicate that by the second generation, nearly all Latinos are fluent in English and that by the third generation, few can even speak Spanish.

The second generation's lack of success on educational and economic fronts is largely explained by their immigrant parents' extremely low starting point. Forty percent of second-generation Latino children are born to parents who never completed high school. Only 12 percent have a parent with a college degree or higher.

Second-generation Latinos struggle for a higher foothold – washingtonpost.com