An Evernote module for Drupal

This sounds like a really useful module for synchronizing content from Evernote.  I've been using Evernote off and on, and have it on my phone as well.  Its a great tool for taking notes and having them available everywhere.  Pulling it all into Drupal parallels what I've been doing with my blog, by pulling in updates from other services, including Flickr, Delicious, and Twitter.

One issue I have with sharing information is the multiplicity of channels. How can I expect that someone will monitor my Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Blip, Digg and Delicious accounts, plus several of my own media channels. And even though there is some integration between these services, as far as I know there's not a single application that provides a centralized method of distributing media, so managing the distribution of the data I want to share requires hooking into multiple interfaces. Even if there was a unified interface, there's then two places to manage that data – your local copy and the copy on the channel, and I feel like it should be possible to reduce this to one. Change it locally, and it changes on the service as well.

Using Evernote and Drupal as the ultimate blogging and social network broadcasting setup