What is the cost of electricity for operating a DVR?

Somone check my math here but I calculate that by their numbers, the annual cost of electricity for a single DVR is between $17 if you pay about ten cents a kilo-watt hour and $25 if you pay closer to sixteen cents an hour.  Is this something to get worked up about? Aren’t the costs of most electronic devices going to be in this neightborhood? Sure, if you look at the national sum of all DVRs then the numbers can seem scary. Does that mean the NRDC should decide what entertainment devices I can or can not have in my home?

A new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council discovered that “about 160 million digital video recorders and cable and other pay-TV boxes in the U.S. eat up 27 terawatt-hours of electricity a year and cost consumers about $3 billion.”

Are DVR Boxes Worth the Energy They Waste? – Technology – The Atlantic Wire