Wait, Gingrich is the humane one?

I scanned the results of the latest GOP debate and while it didn’t turn up anything earth shattering, it speaks volumes that in the current GOP, Newt Gingrich is the humane voice. I’m not sure if he was ever an anti-imigration partisan, or if he’s genuinely not a nice, likeable person. But when he led the Republican house in the 90s, I recall a lot of anit-immigrant sentinement too. In fact, its what finally motivated my family to get our U.S. Citizenship. For additional weirdness, lets create a “red card”, which to most non-Americans, means you’re getting expelled from a soccer game.

At Tuesday’s Republican debate, Gingrich didn’t call for making all illegal immigrants citizens, or even allowing all 11 million or so to stay in America, but for some who’ve been here for decades to get “red cards,” establishing a special new class of non-citizens.

Gingrich Is Brave for Calling for the Humane Treatment of Humans