If you really cared would you need this service?

Kudos to this site for finding a market niche and exploiting it. I can’t say that I think its a sign of a healthy relationship when a guy resorts to using this service.

"I think that this is probably one of the best ideas I’ve seen out there to help keep the romance going in a relationship. He gets credit for thinking of her, she gets a tengible reminder that he cares. Thank you!

So its a serivce for the kind of guy that decides taking the time to show he cares isn’t his core competency or fits his schedule and decides to outsource it.


Regular Expressions are your friends.

Two and a half years ago, when I first dove into web development, I wasn’t very familiar with regular expressions. They certainly didn’t look regular to me, looked more like someone’s keyboard exploded. Now, having figured out a thing or two about them, I came across the following lines:

		$pos = strpos ( $this->user->privs, 'del');
if ($pos===FALSE)
{ // edit not found in string privs
return FALSE;
} else {
// figure out where the string ends by looking for a comma, return that substring
$next_comma = strpos( $this->user->privs, "," , $pos);
if ($next_comma===FALSE) $next_comma=strlen($this->user->privs);
$len = $next_comma-$pos;
$epriv = substr ($this->user->privs, $pos, $len);
return $epriv;

Which I was able to boil down into the following:

    if ( preg_match("/del_[a-z]+/", $privString, $match) )
return $match[0];
} else {
return false;

Spreading the RSS gospel

I get the vibe that RSS is still a little too new for the powers that be to accept. Once you start using it however, RSS is one of those things that you’d come to miss REAL quick. I bet one year from now, most people will be finding interesting content from a website’s feed than from visiting it’s homepage.


Intuit learns from DRM mistake

Trying to saddle a software product with DRM/copy protection that is just going to piss off your customers doesn’t make you rich. Intuit learned this lesson the hard way.

When Intuit launched the copy-control program, it predicted that revenue would increase, since customers who had previously purchased only one TurboTax program would have to buy a separate copy for each computer in the house. That assumption was dead wrong. Instead, the move triggered a consumer backlash the likes of which Intuit had never seen.


Another tie for DC

Yes, United managed another league tie this past weekend – but this time they scored a goal!

Two observations:

  • Ryan Nelsen is the man, both in defense and in midfield. Too bad he got red carded in this game.
  • Nice to see a crowd of 21,00 at RFK to support DC through its worst league start ever.

Oh yeah Ray, give Ali some minutes!

Ed Morgans has a great analysis of the match on the United website.


England likes the American Keepers

The best quote of the article came from Ivan Gazidis that makes it sound like its no big deal that the biggest club (moneywise) in the world wants an MLS player.

"There's discussions about our top players every day, as clubs around the world express interest on a regular basis."

oh ah johhny harkes…

Currently, the only thing left for us DC United fans is to remember the good old years. I’ll be at RFK stadium tonight to wish a fond farewell to John Harkes, one of my favorite player for DCU and the USA.


Coca != Cocaine ?

Interesting article forwarded to me by my cousin from the WSJ on Coca Eradication failing in Bolivia. Unfortunately you need a subscription to view it online but you can get a lot of info from Google News too.

And from Erythroxylum: The Coca Plant

The Andean culture and the coca plant have thrived for centuries. It is ironic that this same plant that is used as a cure in its homeland is the source for so much abuse and misunderstanding in other parts of the world.


PHP Architect responds to MS .NET comparison

PHP Architect magazine has a more detailed response to Microsoft’s comparison of PHP and .NET . Good to see most of the points I had made earlier written up here.


MAME Box Progress: TVout

Thanks to Google Groups and the atitvout project, I got my MAME Box outputting the display signal through the tvout. It didn’t work until I changed my X-Free config file to use the Vesa VBE driver instead of the ati driver.