Arsenal signs Bolivian Player

Color me surprised.  Bolivian players in the EPL are few and far between afaik.  Was Jaime Moreno the last one to play in England? Está establecido que Samuel Galindo tendrá un salario de aproximadamente 15 mil dólares en el Arsenal, club inglés que recientemente lo fichó tras la aprobación del entrenador francés Arsene Wenger. Facteas

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Unrest in Bolivia – any solution in sight?

Things continue to deteriorate in Boliva. First, Evo’s government expels the U.S. ambassador – but at the same time sent a letter to Dept. of State indicating that Bolivia wants to “maintain bilateral relations.” Me thinks someone should explain to him what expelling an ambassador indicates. The eastern provinces are in basically full rebellion against

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Please reboot your Country

Heading into 2008, Bolivia is fundamentally polarized such that no resolution seems possible.  Granted, it has been like this for almost four years now, but with both sides unwillingly to concede or even talk, you have to wonder how much longer lines on a map will continue to hold it together.  The LA times summarizes

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Boliva – more fragile than ever?

Bolivia’s Constituent Assembly, charged with rewriting the country’s constitution by December 14th, has suspended its work indefinitely.  Campesinos and other indigenous groups plan to march through the streets of Sucre peacefully to advocate national unity.  But what’s does national unity mean when the MAS party, the party of the president, changes the assembly rules, so

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Evo – one year later

It’s been one year since Evo Morales became Bolivia’s president.  While the goals of his administration – refounding the country on a more equitable foundation – are hard to argue with, his methods and results are disastrous.  He’s used demagougery and stirred up his supporters to cause civil unrest and blockades around the country in

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