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Osama bin who?

Found via Stupid Security, Mr. bin Laden, you’re clear to fly Insight recently learned that scenario was tested at a U.S. airport in the South during January. The result was troubling: America’s most-wanted fugitive is cleared to fly. According to airline-security documents obtained by this magazine, the name Osama bin Laden was punched into the

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Apparently the Washington DC area felt an earthquake today. My friend Nyk thought I was making fun of his boots when I asked him if he had noticed it. Luckily I was alerted by my Eddie Pope and Bobby Convey bobbleheads. The movement was very subdued, not enough to move books or anything on my

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The Debatey Bunch

Courtesy of my friend Sandy: It’s the story of Carol Mosley who was bringing up 3 white men on her own all of them were congressmen the youngest one was old She met a man by the name of sharpton who had three pols of his own and they knew they must somehow beat up

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