Fail2Ban + Mod_Security = Spammer Bouncer

Under debian, fail2ban’s configuration is in /etc/fail2ban/.  In the filter.d directory add the following file and name it apache-modsec.conf. [Definition]# Option:  failregex# Notes.:  regex to match the password failure messages in the logfile. The#          host must be matched by a group named “host”. The tag “<HOST>” can#          be used for standard IP/hostname matching.# Values:  TEX#failregex

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Server Upgrade: OS basics

Debian AMD64 Setup My Linux distribution of choice is Debian, although for the desktop I’d recommend Ubuntu. The server was first setup using the unofficial debian64 repositories. Since the amd64 architecture is now officially part of Debian, we moved to using an official repository. see Google groups. An unofficial repository contains /debian-amd64/ like so: #deb

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Fun Saturday night

Bizarre. My self-signed SSL certificate I use to access my email using IMAP over SLL expired last week. The real significance is that we’ve been on this server for one year now. Compared to how painful working on the old Redhat 7.2 install we had back then, working with a Debian system has been a

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