TiVo Premiere Elites released

The TiVo community has started to dissect the latest DVR from TiVo and finds intriguing new features, along with more than 300 hours of HD recording capacity.  Another interesting find, the unit is more energy efficient, drawing about 20 Watts.

They’ve even started opening up their brand new boxes and taking photos of the guts. And a couple of new screens. The Premiere-to-Premiere streaming is working, and it even works for copy protected content that doesn’t work with Multi-Room Viewing. 

The TiVo Premiere Elite is in Customer Hands, TiVo Community Starts Analysis | Gizmo Lovers Blog


How to draw a monkey

Follow along and see how to draw a monkey in four steps. I drew this happy little guy using Pixia, an awesome and free drawing program for Windows. All the anime aside, its got a powerful pen/brush, bezier/spline curves, and layer system. Note, you\’ll have to click through to the full story to see the final result.

First, sketch out your monkey. Give him big ears on the side of his head, not on top like a dog or cat.

Second, black in the major lines. Trace each one using a spline or bezier curves and then stroke a line using the current brush and color.

Step 3, using a flood fill tool to color in his head, ears, and mouth.

Step 4, finally add some highlights and shadows to give him a 3-D effect.