Timeless career advice

Russ Roberts has good advice for anyone who wants to earn a decent living.   You want negotiating power? Get educated. Get a skill. What keeps wages up in a world of 7% unionization in the private sector is that I have alternatives. So stay in school and study something serious that has value alongside

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Inequality Debate

One of my favorit bloggers from Cafe Hayek is having a “back-and-forth on inequality”  at the Wall Street Journal Econoblog.  Is the “growing” inqueality really a problem or threat to our society.  I’m not convinced, and I think its usually misused as an umbrella for other societal problems (ie inequality of opportunity, which is different). 

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Who sets prices?

Have you heard people like Bill O’Reilly or government officials, or wondered yourself, how markets set prices? For things like, o say oil and gas. Read Prices as the Result of Human Action but Not of Human Design. While it’d be nice to be able to blame evil oil corporations for profiteering from high prices,

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