Building CandiData

This past weekend, my colleague and friend Sandy Smith participated in Election Hackathon 2012 (read his take of the hackathon). We built our first public product, This was my first hackathon, and it was exciting and exhausting to bring something to life in little more than 24 hours. Our idea combined a number of …

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What’s in your Project Management toolbox?

Matthew at DogStar describes his PM toolbox today, The Project Management Tool Box | Opensource, Nonprofits, and Web 2.0.  It’s a detailed and well organized list, and I think reflects a very practical approach. The first thing that strikes me, is the overwhelming amount of tools available to the would-be PM.  Certainly, there is no lack …

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Why I switched from GoDaddy

You would think something named “Domain Name Registration” would be boring service that the overwhelming majority of Internet users need not think about. However, GoDaddy thinks that may not be good for business, and their latest media blitz has caused me to rethink how I spend my money. I must confess I tolerated their titillating …

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Though of the day: email spam filters

Dear Mail Server Admins, I hardly ever check the spam folder you gave me, what makes you think I’m going to read a daily quarantine message for false positives?  E-mail is broken, but I don’t know of any way to really fix it. Thank You.

Fun Saturday night

Bizarre. My self-signed SSL certificate I use to access my email using IMAP over SLL expired last week. The real significance is that we’ve been on this server for one year now. Compared to how painful working on the old Redhat 7.2 install we had back then, working with a Debian system has been a …

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