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Work with the 20 percent.

Amazingly insightful easy, as usual, on coding horror about The Two Types of Programmers. The 20% folks are what many would call "alpha" programmers — the leaders, trailblazers, trendsetters, the kind of folks that places like Google and Fog Creek software are obsessed with hiring. These folks were the first ones to install Linux at …

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I’m living in Office Space

I actually got to say the following to one of our managers over lunch today: “So, project managers would take the requirements from the client and bring them to the developer. Would you say that’s what they would do here?” It pretty much made my day…

Crazy Servers at Work

I’m not sure what gods we angered at work but one of our production servers has been quite unruly this week which has left me with little time to post to my blog.