Importing to BitBucket

When bitbucket added git to their code hosting service, I signed up to try out the service. Primarily since they offer unlimited free private repositories, which is perfect for one-coder projects like this blog. Each repository also gets a wiki and an issue tracker. Creating an account was straight forward, I then had to import …

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Working with git branches

I can’t seem to remember the specicfic magic git switches when pushing and pulling branches between different git repositories, so I am writing it down here. 1. Create your local branch for development git checkout -b my-branch 2. Push local branch to remote server & track it. git push -u origin my-branch 3. Checkout and …

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Why switch to git?

Clone … What could possibly go wrong? If you’re a coder, you’ve already heard about distributed version control systems (DVCS) and git in particular. I was content, almost complacent, in my usage of subversion to manage my source code, both for personal projects and at work. Subversion was intended as a “compelling” upgrade for CVS, …

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Git PHP lint pre-commit hook

This post describes a small tweak to make to php lint checking via a git pre-commit hook. Using git hooks to check syntax errors – Tim Akinbo’s Blog