Chrome extension helps you debug Goggle Analytics configuration

If you use Google Analytics to measure traffic and activity on your website, once you start customizing the tracker code, use the asynchronous tracker, or do more complicated tracking it can be hard to verify that your changes have worked.  The asynchronous tracker won’t necessarily emit any js errors and you can’t always waitio see …

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Google Maps makes commuting easier

Saw today that Google Maps now has a Traffic layer, which color codes congestion around 30 major cities, Washington DC included.  If you zoom in close enough, you’ll also now see markers for Metro stations.  HT: Gizmondo and Google Blog.

Server Upgrade: OS basics

Debian AMD64 Setup My Linux distribution of choice is Debian, although for the desktop I’d recommend Ubuntu. The server was first setup using the unofficial debian64 repositories. Since the amd64 architecture is now officially part of Debian, we moved to using an official repository. see Google groups. An unofficial repository contains /debian-amd64/ like so: #deb …

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