Desktop Upgrade Choices

I stayed up way too late last night researching a potential desktop replacement. I’m torn between a DIY AMD64 PC vs an Apple. Up front, the biggest decider will be price, as I want to keep the price at or below $1,000. That rules out iMac’s and MacPros, leaving the Mac Mini as my choice …

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Mac Virus Threatdown

Mossberg answers a question in his mailbox column today, including the security threat posed by viruses to Apple’s computers (unless you choose to run Windows on it, then you’re just as vulnerable).  His assessment also applies to computers running Linux.  The common misconception is that virus writers don’t target these platforms because they are not …

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MacSFTP got Sandy banned

Sandy’s use of MacSFTP to connect to our server, for some unknown reason, was causing a PAM authentication failure – even though it would log him in fine.  Since I installed fail2ban to protect the server against SSH script-kiddie attacks, he got banned a couple times since a line that said "Authentication failure" popped into …

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