Northern Virginia

What a waste of tax dollars

Umm, seriously, a pool with a water slide?  Why do public pools feel the need to compete with pools from homeowner associations?  If theres no demand for public pools, that money would be better spent elsewhere, like in schools, police, fire.  Or better yet, by lowering taxes. A $2 million renovation, dedicated yesterday, is part …

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A tale of gas prices in VA

Don Bodreauk writes about an effort in 2002 by ExxonMobile, Texaco, BP to keep gasoline prices from falling in Virginia. It’s ridiculous that we so frequently see corporations on one hand use the free market as an excuse to keep themeseleves from being regulated and also look for legislative protection from its workings. Local distributors …

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Apparently the Washington DC area felt an earthquake today. My friend Nyk thought I was making fun of his boots when I asked him if he had noticed it. Luckily I was alerted by my Eddie Pope and Bobby Convey bobbleheads. The movement was very subdued, not enough to move books or anything on my …

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