Stopping Immigrants more important than the Environment, Diplomacy

From The Price Tag for Immigration Enforcement, the crackdown on immigrants is only going to get more expensive next year. The Department of Homeland Security is asking for a 19% increase for “immigratin enforcement and border control for 2009”. Just this year, the budgets for Customs and Border Protection (CBP)and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) …

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It worked so well, we had to stop…

City planners aren’t very smart sometimes, or at least, don’t fully grasp the concepts of cause and effect… Dallas had anticipated an annual $14.8 million for red-light-running fines, money essential to keeping the cameras running — before people stopped running lights and reduced violations more than 50 percent at some locations.

The cost of Illegal immigration

The Congressional Budget office released a report on the costs of illegal immigration for state and local governments [HT: Marginal Revolution]  Unfortunately, the report is only available as a PDF file, but its not overyly long, approximately 13 pages in length.  It estmiates the spending by state and local governments due to undocumented immigrants in …

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A Quote for Today

" I challenge Mr. Henn to defend the federal budget as being a shining example of long-term planning for the greater good."  – Cafe Hayek