Highest attended soccer matches in the USA

This started as a reply to a reddit poster claiming a USA-Turkey match in 2010 was “the highest attended soccer match ever”

According to this the attendance was 55,407. Nice, but not the highest ever for soccer.

But not the larget for soccer that I can find. Portugal played the USA at RFK during the 1996 olympics, attendance was 58,012.

Also MLS Cup 1997 at RFK featuring home side D.C. United was attended by 57,431 people.’97

Also, the LA Coliseum would sell out for soccer matches, albeit ones not featuring the USA. Capacity is 92k

Turns out the USSF has a page with attendance records, and the USA-Turkey game, or the others mentioned by me above, would not make it, as the minimum cutoff is around 78,000. Maybe the US turkey game was the best attended USMNT during the previous world cup cycle?


Panoramic Portugal Pictures

Plenty of opportunites to practice my alliteration. Enjoy these two panoramic pictures from Lisbon and Sintra.

Real Life

Back from Portugal

Hello faithful readers! The new Mrs. Merida and I are back from Portugal. The return flight yesterday was rediculously long – 7 hours flying time and about 14 hours total travelling time. Portugal was a blast, very friendly and picturesque.

We got to see lots of European fans in for the European Cup. No doubt they were surprised to see two Americans travelling over for their tournament. Some commented about how unpopular soccer is supposed to be in the States but I refrained from reminding them that we beat Portugal 3-2 at the last World Cup.

We also spent about a week on the Beaches in the Algarve region and I am now a more appropriately hispanic hue.

Now, its off to Boston for a friend’s wedding. I will re-join the real world next week.