Real Life

Birds in a Chimney

But when I came back in, Staci was up listening for a sound. “You know, before you turned on the AC, I thought I heard something like a scratch.” Something was going on. We fell silent and then we heard the sound of scratching on metal, or was it just metal expanding. No, it was …

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Alaska Panoramas

Here comes another set of panoramic pictures. These two are from Dave Kuhl’s bachelor retreat in Alaska. On the first day we hiked up Falt Top mountain, not all the way up but a fairly good ways up. Not being quite the outdoorsman that you might expect, it was a challenging ascent at times. Not …

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Me vs Giant Spider

What is this? Dios mio! And what is it doing on our front porch? Seriously, its one brick tall, approx 5 inches in length at least.

On the Rhine, day 3.

Monday was spent on a cruise up the Rhine river past Mainz to St Goarshausen-Loreley.  Despite our best efforts to wake up extra early – I was in the shower before 7am – we had to run through the Romer to catch our boat.  We grabbed coffee and breakfast at the hotel, thinking we were …

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Frankfurt, Days 1 and 2

Hello from Frankfurt! We arrived early on Saturday morning at 9am local time which was 3am for us. Thankfully, we took a direct flight out of Washington and both of Staci and I managed to sleep through most of it. We had a very nice driver pick us up at the airport, an expat from …

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Alaska Pictures

My good friend Dave is getting married at the end of this month. Instead of the usual bachelor party, and since he was going to be in Alaska doing work, he wanted to spend a weekend in a remote cabin in Alaska. The hiking was challenging and the landscapes around us were spectacular. I’ve posted …

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Hawaii Pictures

Last week, we had the chance to go to Hawaii for Reid’s wedding. I’ve put up most of the pictures I took. We visited Pearl Harbor, and the north side of the island, where I got a great shot of a turtle coming up for air. 


When I scan through my aggregator, I don’t expect to ask my self “My sister is blogging about porn?” 😉