MMM dokuwiki plugins

Looks like my favorite PHP wiki has some really cool plugins for it.   Old and New DokuWiki Plugins [] During the last few weeks I wrote a few new DokuWiki plugins and updated some old ones.

$5 Million for a CMS?

Jamesr on Column Two sets the bar pretty high when he observes that it costs $5 million to write a CMS. On the face of it, I can’t argue with it.  The temptation with writing one from scratch is that it so easy, and tempting, to have something functional with a pretty minimal investment (say …

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Microsoft bullies the Danes

Once again, there’s something rotten in Denmark. From Gates vs Denmark on Groklaw, via BoingBoing it seems Bill Gates is close down 800 IT Jobs in Denmark if the country doesn’t support the software patents directive (what a star trek-y title by the way). Let’s hope Denmark’s politicians don’t cave in to this threat. The …

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on Apt-y goodness

Jason has discovered the goodness of APT for managing installed software on a Linux box. You gotta respect a tool that lets you upgrade pretty much your entire distribution with one command: apt-get dist-upgrade .

New Sharpreader is out

A new version of Sharpreader is out, grab it from It’s been my Windows RSS Aggregator of choice and uses the 3-paned outlook style UI to display feeds and items. Best sounding improvements: Systray popup notification and reduced memory usage.