MMM dokuwiki plugins

Looks like my favorite PHP wiki has some really cool plugins for it.   Old and New DokuWiki Plugins [] During the last few weeks I wrote a few new DokuWiki plugins and updated some old ones.

$5 Million for a CMS?

Jamesr on Column Two sets the bar pretty high when he observes that it costs $5 million to write a CMS. On the face of it, I can’t argue with it.  The temptation with writing one from scratch is that it so easy, and tempting, to have something functional with a pretty minimal investment (say …

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on Apt-y goodness

Jason has discovered the goodness of APT for managing installed software on a Linux box. You gotta respect a tool that lets you upgrade pretty much your entire distribution with one command: apt-get dist-upgrade .

New Sharpreader is out

A new version of Sharpreader is out, grab it from It’s been my Windows RSS Aggregator of choice and uses the 3-paned outlook style UI to display feeds and items. Best sounding improvements: Systray popup notification and reduced memory usage.