Web Design

We all should skip Photoshop

37signals lists 7 good reasons to avoid using Photoshop to create mockups for web sites or applications. I’ve found this practice utterly annoying for all the reasons that they mention but I don’t see it going away soon. Sadly most “web designers”, yes-that’s an intentional set of quotes, are much more fluent in creating Photoshop …

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Flash, Silverlight, all worthless

Now that we’re starting to get some benefits from maturing HTML, CSS, and Javascript implementations, via libraries like Prototype, Scriptaculous, Jquery, mootools, and so on, along come the vendors hawking their own proprietary re-invention of the same thing.  Wheter its Adobe’s Flash/Apollo/Flex, Microsofts’s recently demo’d Silverlight, or Sun’s rumoured own re-imagining of it all.  But …

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