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What good are wireframes?

Ginger and I are debugging a client site and we briefly discussed/complained about wireframes. To which, she helped me come to this conclusion: Building solely from wireframes is like driving somewhere with only a picture of the house you’re supposed to get to.

Software Engineering for Internet Applications

Software Engineering for Internet Applications, seen on . Great information and advice for anyone who works building, umm, Internet applications. Thankfully, low on the code/jargon and high on the concepts/ideas scale. I’d love to send it around at work but the people who’d most benefit from it are the least likely to read it. From …

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Wiki: Making money with a blog

The BloggerCon wiki for Making Blogs Make Money is an excellent and pretty thorough summary of different way for generating revenue with a blog. A lot of these ideas, of course, apply to any web site.

Die, Click Here, Die.

My annoyance at using “click here” for links a few weeks back inspired an idea for a quick cartoon that I have yet to put down on paper. Luckily someone has collected all the reasons why click here is bad text to use in links: “Click here” just looks stupid. “Click here” looks especially stupid …

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HFI: 10 Web Usability Tips

Human Factors International rounds up ten usability principles for web design. Nothing completely earth shattering. Numbers 8 and 9 more of the clients I work with need to take to heart: 8. Know user tolerances Users are impatient. Design for a 2-10 second maximum download. Reuse header graphics so they can load from cache. Avoid …

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About HTTP Caching

PHP Anthology, Volume 2: Applications. Chapter 5: Caching: For example, the content delivered by a dynamic page may change once a day, so there’s certainly a benefit to be gained by having the browser cache a page-even if only for twenty four hours. It’s usually possible to live with both problems given a small PHP …

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CMS Wiki

CMS Wiki A brand new wiki has just been established on content management systems. It is designed to be a central resource on CMS issues, products, features, and consultants.