Access United

DC united have launched Access United, a multimedia offering with behind-the-scenes goodies.  It’s a window media video, so if you’re not using Windows, expect to jump through some hoops to get it to play, if you can at all.  

Microsoft worm headlines

I report, you decide.  Now, in my book, bringing down the US Custom’s office isn’t a sign that your security strategy is “working”.  According to Forrester, the fact that this wasn’t as bad as the last windows worm shows “Shows That Microsoft’s Security Strategy Is Working“.  But Windows remains the battleground for worm writers, and …

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How to draw a monkey

Follow along and see how to draw a monkey in four steps. I drew this happy little guy using Pixia, an awesome and free drawing program for Windows. All the anime aside, its got a powerful pen/brush, bezier/spline curves, and layer system. Note, you\’ll have to click through to the full story to see the …

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