Q&A With MLS Comissioner Don Garber

  • …people have stopped wondering if the league will pull an XFL exit,

    "We now are treated like other leagues where we get the business questions about our attendance and about our [television] ratings and about our investors. It’s no longer about will we be here tomorrow."

  • …new investors are about to come in,

    "The economy is improving and we think our structural changes are making us a more viable investment. We now have more investors looking at getting involved in the league than ever before, mostly in the form of expansion."

  • …two new teams will be in the leauge in 2005,

    "We’ve got many cities that have expressed interest. In Cleveland, the potential investor there is close to finalizing a deal to purchase property for a potential stadium. We’ve made progress in Houston. We’ve made lots of progress in Tulsa and Oklahoma City."