Major League Soccer

Academy vs High School Soccer

Today’s washington post looks at the tug of war between MLS’ Academies and High School soccer for elite players. Each kid should make the choice that is best for him. But for those that want to play at the highest pro levels, that will increasingly mean forgoing High School and College soccer programs in favor …

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Bobby Convey, Former Boy Wonder, Turns Comeback Kid –

I’ve long been a fan of Bobby Convey, and was glad he was included on the 2006 World Cup squad, along with another favorite of mine, Ben Olsen.  He did it again, last week, making D.C. United fans everywhere happy by knocking New York out of the MLS Playoffs.  Given the lack of options on the …

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Jorge Flores living the dream

I hope US Soccer can find, and cap, more players like Jorge Flores, although there’s a lot of debate about how many undiscovered, diamonds-in-the-rough like him are out there. Still, if MLS and US Soccer can give opportunites to players like him, we could add some much needed Latin-flair to the game here. OK, I’m …

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Major League Soccer Players by Country of Birth

Beau Dure linked to a file containing a map of Major League Soccer players by the country of birth. Since PDF is about the most boring file format out there, I took the listings and transferred them to a more interactive flash map below. Enjoy!

The Middle Class Player?

He starts by saying that "Those are the players MLS needs to keep or go out and get, the players who might be great stars one day, but right now are simply solid role players who increase the team competence on the field."  No one can argue with that statement, clearly any sports league needs …

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