Major League Soccer

State of Officiating in MLS

As usual, For the Integrity of Soccer has a sobering, insightful, and depressing review of the quality of officiating in Major League Soccer.  As an avid fan, the lack of improvement in this area has been stark in comparison to the progress the league has made on other fronts over the last decade. The reason […]

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MLS Draft Observation

My friend Chris and I discussing DC’s Draft of Jeff Carroll: Chris vS.: Jaff Carrol Chris vS.: jeff Oscar: yeah, just saw Chris vS.: what is up with the brother connection in this draft Oscar: lol Oscar: mls figures they can survive better on a developmental salary if they can live with their brothers Chris

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New Jeff Bradley column

Jeff Bradley’s regular column is up on MLSNet 10. I’m not one to rail on MLS officials. Really, they have a difficult job and I hate that so many of the MLS team-level (not national) announcers drone on endlessly about the refs. But, the Ali Curtis goal that was disallowed on Saturday night was one

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