Its decided: SJ is better than LA

Staci and I were suffering through the DC United playoff fiasco this weekend. Luckily, we’d TIVO’d the game which let us fast forward through most of the game which made it somewhat bearable. So DC crashed out of the playoff without a goal to the best team in the league. Normally, I wouldn’t mind a loss but this was a DC team that didn’t even show up to play.

Meanwhile, our Califriends were at Spartan Stadium watching what some are already calling the best MLS match ever. They’re also trying to make to the Western Conference Semifinal this weekend. I’d hate to be Kansas City and have to go up against a Quakes team with so much momentum.

Calling it the Cl�sico de California won’t do it justice. Understand: To continue their season, the Quakes had to score five unanswered goals after going down 4-0 (aggregate) in the 13th minute on Sunday.