IE Complacency

Count me in this group of developers who wish Microsoft would fix their broken Internet Explorer. I also wish all you people out there still running IE 5.5 would upgrade too!

But Zeldman warned against wishful thinking, noting that with hundreds of millions of people using Internet Explorer around the world, it would take more than CSS-savvy developers like him and Microsoft’s toolmaker competitors to persuade Microsoft to tend to a battleground it no longer considers contested.

I’m not saying (IE) is not a very good browser–it is,” Zeldman said. “But its CSS support is weaker and buggier than its competitors. We hoped for many years that by submitting bug reports, they would improve it. But they didn’t.”

So until they fix it, do yourself a favor and get yourself Mozila Firebird.

Update: Looks like there are many security holes in Internet Explorer too!