Coca eradication es futile

Three NGO’s argue that the United States sponsored coca eradication programs in Colomiba and the rest of the Andes do not work. Coca is compartively much easier to grow than alternative cash crops – requiring much less labor. Because it is more lucrative as well, it doesn’t make sense for a poor Andean farmer to pass it up for another crop.

In a 54-page report entitled “Going to Extremes: The U.S.-Funded Aerial Eradication Program in Colombia,” LAWG argues that the fumigation policy has failed to make even moderate headway toward achieving its stated goal of reducing the availability of cocaine in the United States. According to the latest national data, including Walters’ own office, the report says, the price, availability, and purity of cocaine sold in the U.S. have remained virtually unchanged since fumigation operations began.