More on Ender’s Game books

Ginger and I had an interesting conversation about it, figured it was worth sharing here.

Ginger: It would be neat to see how they visualize that no gravity room
Oscar: totally
Ginger: it’s funny, the shower room where ender kills that boy, I always visualize my freshman year of college shower room
Oscar: i think everyone who reads it knows it could be made into a really cool movie
Ginger: how long ago did those books come out anyway?
Oscar: enders game was 1985
Ginger: geez it’s taking them long enough
Ginger: they’re already working on making the Da Vinci Code into a movie and that came out less than a year ago
Ginger: I suppose this one is harder to make into movie form though
Oscar: i know OS Card (the author) has been pretty picky in who and how the movie gets adapted
Ginger: good for him, so it won’t be drivel
Ginger: sorry to keep harrassing you, but did you say speaker for the dead was any good?
Oscar: its pretty good
Ginger: I might have to check it out
Oscar: i like the newer trilogy better than the first , enders shadow, hegemon, and some fourth book
Oscar: the original trilogy is ok
Oscar: but i’m also a series whore- once I start a series I tend to read it all the way through regardless of quality
Ginger: ha – so did you see Matrix Revolutions then?
Oscar: well, that really only applies to books
Ginger: well I’ll check them out, because I really liked the two I read