George R.R. Martin Q&A

If you pre-ordered a Dance with Dragons like me, you might also be waiting for it to be delivered. While you internally debate the value of thriftiness in pre-ordering it (48% off!) versus more immediate gratification, you can instead read this spolier-free Q&A interview with George R.R. Martin about the book and the rest his

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Books for Sale

I’m cleaning out some book shelves and looking to re-sell some old books, a smattering of fantasy and random hard-cover books I’d acquired.  You can check out my listing on Amazon.  I’m a bit of a bookphile, Patty can tell confirm this, I used to absolutely hate when she would highlight her books or dog-ear

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Airplane reading

I used the time on the airplane to devour Freakonomics and the Tipping Point. I found Freakonomics a much more informative book, and although the authors claimed that there was no unifying theme for it, all the stories reinforced quite well their notion that looking at datasets in new, unexpected ways can reveal some startling

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