I’m on Steroids!!!

So watch out for me to bulk up soon and be full of RAGE. I was suffering a bad outbreak of poison ivy on my neck, right eye, and left arm. When it started to show up on Thursday, I was hopeful that it wouldn’t be too bad and I could take care of it with home remedies. Well, by Saturday morning I was proved wrong and managed to find an urgent care center in Fair Lakes that would see me. At this point, I’d like to send kudo’s to Kaiser for having me in their system but not active as well as whoever manages benefits at Staci’s work and thought it was ok to snail mail the paper on Tuesday instead of faxing it in.

Anyway, after just one day on Prednisone the rash has been reduced to red splotches on my skin and isn’t itchy or irritating. This should teach me to go outside. I’m considering building a plastic tunnel from the door to my car, I’ll need one like this at work, ala the plastic tubes they use to kidnapp E.T.