Title IX: no body wins?

Off Wing Opinion writes about the impact Title IX has on both men and women’s teams.

n many sports, like track, swimming, gymnastics or even tennis, men and women athletes often train together. It is widely recognized that this practice improves the caliber of performance of women athletes, not to mention fosters camaraderie between the sexes. So, when men’s teams are cut to comply with Title IX, their teammates on the women’s side are usually just as outraged and suffer competitively as well.

The comment by Beau Dure, columnist from USA Today, is a worthy post itself.

That said, I have issues with the quota system because only schools with many more men than women (Ga. Tech and the service academies) meet the standard. I would’ve thought the whole point of Title IX — not just the athletic aspects of it — was to mix up the genders a bit more. I’m sure the men of Georgia Tech would appreciate that.