MLS All-star Weekend Announcements…

The Washington Post has put up a lengthy interview with MLS Commisioner Don Garber in the following article: United Seeks Stadium Solution (

Chief amongst them is the most serious discussions about building a stadium for DC United. They even have a local developer, Akridge Companies, picked out. Baseball’s relocation indecision over the relocation of the Expos has always trumped any talk of the city and team building a soccer-specific stadium but it sounds like the league is losing patience. They even talk of playing in Annapolis if they have to, which I suspect and hope is more of a negotiation tactic to show the City that United is serious.

Garber said the possibility of baseball coming to the city should accelerate the urgency of completing a plan for a proposed 25,000-seat stadium for United.

But if a deal can’t be reached, “then we’ll continue what we are, which is a tenant in a good soccer facility but not a facility that can compete with the other soccer stadiums that are being built across the country,” he said.

While that thought won’t sit well with many die-hard fans, the thought of having a dirt in-field on the field if United shares RFK with a baseball team is even worse. It’d be preferable to have an all grass field for a year or two while our own stadium is being constructed. I think its a small price to pay.

Other interesting bits:

No Women’s MLS in the plans after WUSA’s demise. This might have to wait until more MLS owners control their own stadiums and want another tenant to fill in dates.

Reserve teams next year, more details to follow. This should help evaluate and have talent on hand for when a team is really banged up: Nelsen to Have Surgery.

Expansion by two teams for next year is already known. Expansion in 2006 might not happen.