Syntax 1.1.0 Release

I didn’t want to let Sandy beat me to the punch this time so here goes. Over at Forum One, my employer, we released Syntax CMS version 1.1.0, which is the content management application that we’ve built and use. The code has come along way over the last few months in response to features requests we heard from multiple clients.

We’ve added some more feature that make managing content on a site easier, particularly if you want to have groups of content managers with different access privileges to content. For example, you can now define a group for “authors” who can add and edit site articles and another group for “editors” who can approve and delete site articles.

I also diagnosed and fixed a big performance bottleneck associated with displaying paginated results from modestly large mysql query results. With Sandy, we’ve made improvements to the API that simplify writing custom code you might want.

The source code is availble via CVS:

cvs checkout -d syntaxSandbox syntax-cms/src

You can also download it as a gzipped tar file: Syntax CMS 1.1.0