Fixing my PC

Or how just chatting with Jason was just as likely to fix my PC.

After installing a new 200G hard drive in my main desktop this weekend, the OS-that-will-go-unamed was not happy. Now, normally I wouldn’t care since up until very recently I was not using it at all but then came Warcraft and my subsequent addiction. I was hoping to play for a while, I hadn’t played since before Christmas, but the PC was being very flaky. On load, the startup sound would get caught in a stuttering loop and trying to log in to the WoW servers would hang the machine.

So in good troubleshooting fashion, after complaining to Jason, I did 2 things which he suggested: I upgraded the BIOS to my Motherboard, and enabled 48-bit Large Block addressing. Presto, everything worked fine after that! Thanks, Jason.

I must say, this whole experience reminded me of why I prefer gaming on my console, less hassle and time spent fixing your hardware. Although, I can’t blame the PC much since I did change the hardware around on it. I must also point out that my Debian linux partition handled the change without a hiccup.