Can you kick the shared document habit?

When good document control systems exists, its mind-boggling that anyone still uses network drives to share documents.  While just saving a file is super convenient, you are punting on activities that provide long term value.  These include version control (no more versioning via file names1), retention policies, and better management of the collaborative editing process …

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It really is an upgrade

Much like my dad has done, another Windows Vista customer has "upgraded" a Vista machine to Windows XP.  So, I guess the PR Lady was somewhat correct? BTW – annoying that apple doesn’t let you link directly to one of its ads — its free advertising, mactards! To be honest there is only one conclusion …

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MS Linux partnership?

Dad passed me along the link to the slashdot discussion of Microsoft’s partnership with Novell.  (Usually, its me sending him the slashdot link).  On the face of it, the major part of the announcement concerns patent rights MS holds – specifically that it will not assert them against open source developers.  The Technology Liberation Front …

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More Desktop Thoughts

Sandy made some excellent points, as expected, arguing for a Mac – "So count that as $150 for a really good environment and some nice apps, which retail all together for about $200." No doubt cause he just bought himself a shiny iMac. OS X is definitely a very nice operating system. After 2 years …

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Sunbird and Lightning 0.3 released

Both of Mozilla’s calendaring projects have reached 0.3 releases. Sunbird is a standalone calendaring application, while Lightning is a Thunderbird Extension. Changes of note include improved reliability "makes it much more difficult to lose data" and basic handling of events received in email using iMIP.