Windows in Quechua

Blue Screen of Death is "Anqas Toqu millay" – Filthy Blue Window is the best I could do. Microsoft releases language support for Quechua, one of the native languages spoken in Bolivia. Probably to less fanfare than they expected. "We congratulate Microsoft for having facilitated the use of computers in our own languages, but we […]

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Mac Virus Threatdown

Mossberg answers a question in his mailbox column today, including the security threat posed by viruses to Apple’s computers (unless you choose to run Windows on it, then you’re just as vulnerable).  His assessment also applies to computers running Linux.  The common misconception is that virus writers don’t target these platforms because they are not

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Bad DRM poll

EHomeUpgrade is running a quick poll on Digital Rights Management. The questions are interesting but, it must be the poll software they used, some of the questions are really more than one question shoe horned into a checkbox website poll model.  For example, you can check both Would you "rent" DRM protected digital media –

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