Can you kick the shared document habit?

When good document control systems exists, its mind-boggling that anyone still uses network drives to share documents.  While just saving a file is super convenient, you are punting on activities that provide long term value.  These include version control (no more versioning via file names1), retention policies, and better management of the collaborative editing process (who has it open?).

Network drives have never been good places to manage documents, nor will they ever be — yet that is where most of them sit.  It's depressing really, but nevertheless it is reality. Network drives (or shared drives as they are often referred to) give the illusion that you are doing something constructive to store and manage documents, but really they are just dumping grounds, expensive trash cans.  The only difference in practical terms is that trash cans actually get emptied at some point. Shared drive trash just grows until they become overwhelming mountains. 

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