Two TV Recommendations

Two quick recommendations of TV shows that are worth checking out. First, the Sci-Fi channels reincarnation of Battlestar Galactica is shockingly good. I knew they’d respect the source material since they did an admirable job with the Dune mini-serieses but I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. There are throwbacks to the old series but the setting they’ve reimagined and character changes they chose to make actually make the whole story better. Plus, its good to see Edward James Olmos in charge of the Fleet!

The second recommendation is the Venture Brothers, on Cartoon Network’s adult swim. To enjoy it,you’ll have to get past the fact that its lighter on plot and heavier on jokes that poke fun at adventure cartoons, heroes, villains and what it’d really be like for them to live in the real world. Lots of references to comic book and popular culture to watch out for as well.