Back to the Futurama

I had to go with the wholly unoriginal headline, but this news (thanks to JL) makes my day.  I’m glad they are reviving Futurama, hopefully it’ll replace the crap that is Drawn Together The ‘Futurama’ is Now: Comedy Central Revives Series (TVWeek) Five years after Fox canceled the animated comedy, 20th Century Fox TV has

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The impact of SUM on MLS

Soccer America looks at what impact, if any, Soccer United Marketing (S.U.M) has had on our domestic league.  They’re very shrewd promoters, including clauses in contracts that teams coming over to play in friendlies, like Mexico or Manchester United, have to bring their first team regulars.  It sounds like the impact on MSL is fairly

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Olympic TV ratings

NBC’s Olympic ratings in the US just made the guarantee to sponsors.  An analysis of the ratings is posted at the Sports Economist “Olympic TV Ratings in the US“ I’m posting this here for future refrence as it’d be interesting to compare the Olympic’s ratings with those for the World Cup this summer. I don’t

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Two TV Recommendations

Two quick recommendations of TV shows that are worth checking out. First, the Sci-Fi channels reincarnation of Battlestar Galactica is shockingly good. I knew they’d respect the source material since they did an admirable job with the Dune mini-serieses but I didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. There are throwbacks to

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More on channel bundling

Explanations why channel bundling may actually be good, since you get more channels for a lower price, over at . This doesn’t address how some channels are only availble in high priced bundles. Maybe it’d be possible to pick what N (5, 10, 30) channels you get? More plausibly, price discrimination is at work. Consider

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