EPA hides mercury study

So, we’ve all pretty much agreed that the Bush Administration ignoring unwanted science is about on par with "dog bites man" in terms of news worthy, right? This MSNBC story however documents the lies and denial that are involved when you’d rather hush up a Harvard study paid for by the EPA on the costs and benefits of regulating mercury.

Asked about the Harvard analysis, Al
McGartland, director of the EPA’s National Center for Environmental
Economics, said it was submitted too late to be factored into the
agency’s calculations. He added that crucial elements of the analysis
were flawed.

Interviews and documents,
however, show that the EPA received the study results by the Jan. 3
deadline, and that officials had been briefed about its methodology as
early as last August. EPA officials referred to some aspects of the
Harvard study in a briefing for The Washington Post on Feb. 2.